Links and sites of interest

TVIA Recommended Site Links

Ingenuity Serials (Home of Ingenuity Studios) 
Vintage Inkwell on Reddit
Vintage Inkwell Academy on Pinterest
Comic Books Plus
The Digital Comics Museum 
Proko Art Instruction
Classic Animation Art
Vintage Art Instructional Manuals
The Landon School of Illustrating and Cartooning

The W.L. Evans School of Cartooning and Caricaturing
Pulp Covers
Heritage Auctions (Original Golden-Age Art)
Drawing Words and Writing Pictures
Animation Resources (Great site!)
Neil McAllister
Chris Tolworthy's Great America Novel
Comic Book Historians

The Art of The Comic Book

Video Art Instruction

Gesture Drawing I with Chris Warner (Otis College)
Gesture Drawing II with Chris Warner (Otis College)
Drawing Basics with Dianne Mize
Drawing Basics (Blind Gesture Drawing) with Dianne Mize
Gesture Drawing (A Beginning) with Dianne Mize
In the Studio Art Instruction with Dianne Mize

Focus on Gesture drawing, and practice it daily!

For it is one of the primary foundations of 
Illustration, Cartooning and Animation.

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