Welcome to the brand new home and grand opening of The Vintage Inkwell Academy (TVIA). I outgrew the limitations of the old site, and after some evaluation, I made substantial changes to enhance the navigation and overall experience of visitors. For one, I selected a new webhost that is more knowledgeable, responsive and better managed. TVIA is now hosted by a company providing much better hardware support and security, thereby enhancing stability, response, speed and reliability. And this was just Stage One of the plan…

During Stage Two, I analysed what I already put together and how I could design it better. Then, I reached out to objective sources for their feedback. Next, I put together a plan, rolled up my sleeves and went straight to work. In all honesty, I have minimal web developer training and needed to ramp up my knowledge and research significantly in order to achieve my objectives. All of what you see here was built from scratch, starting with the theme, which I composed from nothing but an idea. 

After drafting up some concepts, I created a successful mock-up. Next, I followed up by breaking it all down and reengineering it in 5 stages. This was a massive project that required careful organization and facilitation.  That first week I pushed myself so hard, I became a sleep-deprived zombie. Not wishing to punish my health further, I compiled a daily work schedule with tasks to complete. Every day, I chipped away at it, knocking out task after task until the job was finally complete. My illustration study and practice time was sadly put on the back burner to accommodate this workload. With the project’s completion, I can happily return to that world.

I should also probably mention that The Vintage Inkwell Academy is a solo run, single operator endeavour. Only a web designer or a web developer can tell you the amount of work required to devise and construct a new modern website. It is focused, daunting work that consumes many hours to maintain its numerous detailed parts. The journey is rife with operational complications, website engineering app issues, testing setbacks and unforeseen challenges that must be addressed and surmounted. That being said, I truly hope you enjoy what you see. If you genuinely enjoy it, please share it both in the comments section and with your friends, associates, and through social media. 

I don’t really have any art instruction, tips, or creative content critiques to offer at this time. During the rebuild process, I reviewed, re-edited and overhauled my older posts to include new information and a few changed visuals. So definitely go back and read them when you get a chance, as I’ve included new material in there. In a way, you’re actually getting a total of 5 new posts, especially the new visitors. I also want to extend my sincere gratitude to Bob Keough for his editorial assistance proof-reading and helping me ensure that all is in good order.

The TVIA Library has now massively grown to over 100 rare and personally curated art instruction books! They are all available completely free of charge in PDF form in our Library section.

Well, as the pig in the cartoon says… “T-t-t-that’s all folks!”

See you all soon, I’m taking some much needed rest and relaxation. 
Then, I’m literally going back to the drawing board!

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